Volunteer Spotlight: A rewarding experience

Steve Tuttle finds being a volunteer firefighter at the Woolwich Fire Company very rewarding.

Tuttle, 25, started as a junior firefighter when he was 14 years old and continued as a firefighter once he turned 18. Tuttle is working on a criminal justice degree at Rowan University.  As a volunteer, he gets a small amount credited toward his tuition. One appealing thing about serving as a volunteer firefighter is the training, which “opens up a lot of doors” in the emergency services field.

“Also, it’s a very rewarding experience,” Tuttle said. The other firefighters are like a second family, he said.

“We always have each other’s backs no matter what,” he said. They also joke a lot and the atmosphere at the firehouse is fun, he said.

“People think firefighters are paid but we’re not,” said Tuttle. The training and equipment are free and both are topnotch. The firefighters learn the chemistry of fires and how to stay safe. They also keep in shape.

“Being a volunteer, you never know what’s going to happen,” said Tuttle. “Doing a good job is very rewarding. It’s a very, very good feeling. Sometimes residents come up after a fire and thank us.”

For more information or to learn about joining Woolwich: www.woolwichfirefighter.org