Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons to join the Woolwich Fire Company. Not only are you giving back to your community, your fellow firefighters become like a second family. There are many other reasons to join as well:

  • Making a difference in your community is rewarding.
  • You gain new skills and experience that can prepare you for a possible future career as a first responder.
  • You make new and lasting friendships with your team members.
  • Volunteering at the fire company looks good on a college resume.
  • Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a great way to earn community service hours, as well.
  • You may be able to earn college credits through training.
  • You get free training.
  • Firefighting is exciting and delivers a feeling of accomplishment.

Why We Volunteer

“It’s the most rewarding feeling—being able to help someone in their time of need”
Edward H. Barber III, with 13 years of service with Woolwich under his belt.

“Being a firefighter has made me a better person all around for any task in life”
Nicholas Thomas, who has served for three and a half years.