Ways to Volunteer

Join The Woolwich Fire Company

No matter what talents you bring to the table there is a role for you at the Woolwich Fire Company. Everyone can make a difference.

Firefighter--You respond to fires, accidents, medical emergencies, hazardous material spills and other calls, saving lives and property.

Administrative Member—Become a trustee, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, serve on committees and take part in activities such as fundraising or uniforms. Administrative Members are an important part of our team.

Contributing Member—Handle fundraisers, community events, and also make and bring food for firefighters to help when large fires break out. Contributing Members are the backbone of our support team.

Junior Member--Junior members (from age 14 to 17) receive training and can become firefighters when they turn 18. They gain valuable experience, learn life skills like responsibility and teamwork. They also garner the satisfaction of serving their community.


Why We Volunteer

“Volunteering benefits me, my family and my community”
Edward Johnson, a 50-year-member.

“I love the feeling of helping others in the community and meeting new people. It is a great feeling to help others in their time of need”
Cindy Phillips, whose husband and son also volunteer at Woolwich.