About Us

History of Woolwich Fire Company

On Feb. 25, 1893, a fire in the Arcade Building at the corner of Mill Hill and Kings Highway in Swedesboro threatened to spread throughout the village. Residents formed a bucket brigade and valiantly fought the fire. After this event, Woolwich Township enlisted residents to form a committee to buy a fire truck. In April 1898, the first fire truck was purchased from Gleason & Bailey Co. of Seneca, NY for $375. That August, the Woolwich Fire Company began with 36 men who signed its constitution and paid 50 cents each to join.

From those beginnings, the all-volunteer Woolwich Fire Company, which serves Swedesboro and Woolwich Township, has grown to a state-of-the-art fire department with cutting edge equipment, apparatus and members trained in life-saving techniques. About 32 active members respond to some 600 calls a year.

We provide the very best in firefighting techniques and equipment and are always looking to find new ways to become better at our job. To continue our mission, we need new members ready to answer the call. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for community members like you to help. Stop by our station or fill out an inquiry form today to learn how to train for the worst, save lives with the best.