Volunteer FAQs

Do I need prior experience or training to become a firefighter?
No experience is necessary to join Woolwich Fire Company. We provide everything you need to succeed as a certified firefighter: training, classes, equipment and gear at no cost.

Will I get paid?
No, volunteers do not receive financial compensation; however, the training and experience can help you advance in other areas of your life, including leadership skills or EMT training. Volunteers also have the satisfaction of helping the Woolwich and Swedesboro communities. 

How much time do I need to spend each week as a volunteer?
Volunteers are only asked to give as much time as they can. Active firefighters participate in regular training sessions and the volume of calls varies from day to day.

Is there a Junior Firefighting program? 
Yes, our junior firefighter program starts at age 14. Although juniors cannot enter burning buildings, they can assist and support firefighters on the scene by running hoses and they also participate in training.  

Can I volunteer without fighting fires?
Absolutely! We are seeking Administrative Members to help with administrative duties and Contributing Members who serve on committees and help out with other tasks like fundraisers and community events. 

Why volunteer? 
There are many reasons why people volunteer at the Woolwich Fire Company, including:

  • Giving back to the Woolwich and Swedesboro communities, along with the satisfaction of helping your neighbors and friends.
  • Gaining new skills, such as leadership, life-saving expertise and emergency management. Woolwich offers training in using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Firefighting can offer a pathway to a career in healthcare or emergency services. The training can open doors in other occupations and advance your career.
  • Woolwich volunteers make lasting friendships and the fire company becomes like a second family. You always have someone you can rely on.

How do I sign up? 
To learn more, fill out an inquiry form on the CONTACT US page. Your information will be sent to our recruitment committee members who will contact you shortly and invite you to visit our station.

“I've been with Woolwich for almost four years, and I've learned a lot there. And it's helped me excel in fire school, too.”
– Josh Zielinski

“When I joined, everybody made it feel like it's a family. That’s kind of the general culture there. That's the attitude is that whatever you need, you've got it.”
– Mitch Brown

“If there's an off chance that you have a bad day or get hurt, you can know that the department has your back.”
– Lucas Santos